Ulf Frykman

Computer administrator, B.Sc.
Mac, PC, Printer and Network Support




I'm working as a research engineer and I have a B.Sc. in physics. 1984 I graduated and in September 1984 I began working with

electronic and computer based measuring systems at Applied Physics at IFM. Since 1986 I have been working with support

of personal computers, the network and printers at IFM.

My work consists of managing personal computers like PC and Macintoshes.

I'm trying to help you with system errors and application problems, but also advice if you want to upgrade your software

or your hardware. I also help you connect to the network and setup the printers.

You may call me at 28 2397 or email me at ulfry@ifm.liu.se.


I am working with Windows 2000, XP 32/XP64, Vista 32/64, Windows 7 32/64 and MacOS X.







Before I have worked with Assembler, Basic and Pacal programming at Applied Physics.
Then I also worked with DOS based applications,Windows 2.0, 3.11, NT 4, 95, 98, ME, Windows NT, and MacOS 3 - MacOS 9.

These server OS MacOS 9 server


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Office: The Physics House, F-213 (entrance 57, left side).
E-Mail: ufn@ifm.liu.se
S-Mail: Linköping University, IFM, SE-58183, Linköping, Sweden, Europe
Voice office: +46 (0)13   28 2397 (cellular phone)
Voice office: +46 (0)70 529 2397 (mobile)
Fax office:     +46 (0)13 13 7568   (common fax)