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I am a plant ecologist with a special interest in seed biology as well as in weeds.

Contact details

Per Milberg

Department of Biology-IFM

Linköping University



Phone +46 13 28 56 82

Fax  + 46 13 28 13 99

  • Academic background

    I received my BSc in 1987 (biology, chemistry, quaternary geology & forestry) after courses at universities in Uppsala, Lund, Umeå & Stockholm. I moved on to do a PhD (1993) in plant ecology at the (former) Department of Crop Production Science, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). After some years as researcher at this department I was appointed docent in 1996 (associate professor). After a postdoctorial stay at the School of Environmental Biology at Curtin University in Perth, Australia, I moved to the Department of Biology-IFM at Linköping University. Here, I am professor in plant ecology and teach in botany, ecology, evolution, conservation biology etc.

    I am one of the subject editors of Weed Research, a member of the editorial board of Seed Science Research.

    Previous and ongoing research

    My current research is funded by Formas (The Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning) and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency through a research programme called ENGO (assessment of ENvironmental GOal achievement under uncertainty).

    My previous research was mainly sponsored by the former Swedish Council for Forestry and Agricultural Research (SJFR; several projects). Other sponsors included the Swedish Farmers' Foundation for Agricultural Research (SLF), WWF-Sweden, CF Lundströms Stiftelse, and Stiftelsen Oscar & Lili Lamms Minne.

    Follow this link to find out more about my current research, recent publications (many possible to download in pdf-format) and co-workers.

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