Linköping University, Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Theory and Modeling
Peter Münger    
E. Peter Münger, PhD.
Theory and Modeling

Address: Linköpings universitet
Dept. of Physics, Chemistry and Biology
S-581 83 Linköping

Office: F311, Corridor Feynman, 2nd floor, Physics building.

+46 - 13 - 28 57 97

Senior Lecturer 57%
Associate director National Supercomputer Centre in Sweden, NSC 43%

Research interests:
Dynamics of foodwebs.
Classical molecular dynamics simulations related to thin film growth and nanoparticles.
Publication list.

Undergraduate lecturing:
Elektromagnetism Y, TFYA13
Termodynamik och Statistisk mekanik, TFYA12

Previous undergraduate lecturing:
Fysik, (76-90hp): Termodynamik och Statistisk mekanik - teoridel, LSFYC4
Elektromagnetism Y, TFYY53
Mekanik D, TFYY06
Elektromagnetiska fält, NFYA32
Elektromagnetism Y, TFFY39
Elektricitetslära Y, TFFY37

Graduate lecturing:
Statistical and thermal physics, part I TFYY61 and part II TFYY83

Education related work:
Deputy member of the board for educations in electronics, physics and mathematics, "Programnämnden för elektroteknik, fysik och matematik, EF".
LiU representative in the ERASMUS Lifelong Learning Programme: HOPE - Horizons in Physics Education.

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