Lars Westerberg

Lars WesterbergI am a theoretical ecologist with special interest in population distribution in heterogeneous landscapes and statistical power in multivariate methods.

These pages provides information about me and my activities at Linköping University. Here you can find my CV and links to the research project I am involved in.


I am currently funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, through the ENGO research programme (assessment of ENvironmental GOal achievement under uncertainty). I work together with prof. Per Milberg in developing tools to evaluate temporal changes in multivariate data.

I have recently co-authored a report to Energimyndigheten. A draft can be downloaded here

Dissertation subject

Population dynamics in a heterogeneous landscape: crop management strategies for effective biological control. Is there a way to compose an agricultural landscape so that naturally occuring enemies to pest organisms can be effectively used. This might become important in organic farming where pesticides are not used.

Spare time project

Evaluating, together with Bengt Hansson, how well marker regions reveal genetic similariy under influence of linkage disequilibrium.

Special interests

Co-evolution in plant-pollinator systems.

Lars Westerberg, PhD
0046 - 13 - 28 12 61 (tel)
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IFM Biology, Division of Ecology
Linköpings universitet
SE-581 83 Linköping, SWEDEN