What is the HSG?

The Historic Seed Group is a group of collaborating scientists working with crop history, evolution and domestication.. The members are working both at universities and museums and have extensive collaborations with gene banks, national programmes for cultivated plants and international research groups. The Historic Seed Group combines the research disciplines of cultural history and genetics to investigate questions concerning the genetics of land race crops, seed bank propagation and agricultural history.

The Historic Seed Group is very grateful for the research funding it receives from various foundations. Our research is or has been supported by grants from The Lagersberg foundation, The Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning (FORMAS), Carl Tryggers Foundation, The Swedish Board of Agriculture, The Royal Swedish Academy for Forestry and Agriculture, the Carl XVI Gustav 50 year Anniversary Fund for Environment and Science and The Nilsson-Ehle foundation, the Helge Ax:son Johnson foundation, the CF Lundström foundation and The Lawski foundation.

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