HSG travelling

Meeting at Röttle (17/6 2014)

Presentation by Maria.

Presentation by Linnéa.

Lunch in the sun.

Presentation by Essi.

Röttle harbour.

Lake Vättern.

Guided tour of Röttle.

The mill at Röttle, still in working order.

Meeting at Julita (15-16/5 2013)

Presentation by Per.

Attentive audience.

Jenny, Per and Matti listening to Hugo's presentation.

Per showing some of the museum collections.

Good food.

Guided tour of the Julita gardens.

Essi showing the rhubarb collections.

Matti and the 150-year-old acacia.

Nils, Hugo and Per networking in the sun.

Lab retreat kayaking to Håskö (30-31/5 2012)

Meeting up at Tyrislöt

Eating lunch, waiting for the coffee to boil

The cabin at Håskö

Sunset from the cabin on Håskö

Ready for day two

Paddling in the sunshine

Lunch back at Tyrislöt

Finishing off with ice cream at Smultronstället. Nils is the undisputed ice cream eater champion.

Meeting at Kongsvold (21-22/8 2011)


Talk by Hannu Ahokas

Some of us stayed an extra day privately to do some mountain hiking.

Per Larsson guiding Mats Regnell and Hugo Oliveira on the mountain lichen flora

Muskox on the move

Retutning to Kongsvold

Mini conference at Enaforsholm (18-19/8 2010)


Talk by Matti...

...by Nils...

...by Linnéa...

Good food.

Jenny, Nils, Linnéa and Jenny.

Evening walk to Högåsen.

Towards Storsnåsen. We didn't quite make it to the top...

Stopping for a drink.


Nils crossing the stream.

At the top of Ingolvet.

Visit to Tromsø (9/12 2009)

Barley samples at Tromsø

130-year-old barley

View from the museum of botany

Moonlight over the museum

HSG goes to Finland (26/11 2009)

The old institute at Mustiala

The Mustiala collection

The jars are opened for the first time in 120 years

Jar opening


Matti Leino, Hannu Ahokas and Annika Michelson

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