Members of the HSG

Matti Leino

Jenny Hagenblad

Else-Marie Karlsson Strese

Per Larsson

Maria Lundström


Nils Forsberg, Tytti Vanhala, Ida Gustafsson, Hugo Oliveira, Linnéa Asplund, Jesper Fogelholm, Kjersti Norman, Hanna Maja Tunset, Erik Boström, Selçuk Aslan, Jenny Zie, Anna Knöppel, Sharmila Madhavan
Matti Leino

Matti holds a position as assistant professor at Nordiska museet - the Swedish Museum of Cultural History at Julita - the Swedish Museum of Agriculture and Linköping University. He has a background in agronomy and plant breeding and received his PhD at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in 2005. During the last ten years Matti has been involved in inventories, preservation and cultivation of Swedish land race crops. His research is cross-disciplinary and covers agricultural and garden history, crop plant evolution and plant preservation.

Jenny Hagenblad

Jenny is an associate professor at the IFM Biology at Linköping University. She did her PhD at the Department of genetics at Lund University, and postdocs at Edinburgh University and Uppsala University. During this time Jenny worked with both Arabidopsis thaliana, Arabidopsis lyrata and the Scandinavian wolf population. Jenny's main scientific interest lies in analyzing genetic data with evolutionary and population genetic methods to learn more about the evolutionary history of species.

Else-Marie Karlsson Strese

Else-Marie works as a researcher at the Swedish Museum of Cultural History as well as a project leader within the National Programme for Cultivated Plants with responsibility for plant genetic resources of vegetatively propagated crops. She received her PhD at Freie Universität in Berlin working with breeding of Lupinus. After a postdoc period at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences studying breeding of catch crops Else-Marie obtained a position as research leader at the Swedish Museum of Agriculture within the Swedish Museum of Cultural History. For more than 20 years Else-Marie has been working with gene bank issues and clonal field archives. Currently Else-Marie's research is focused on genetic resources of hops.

Per Larsson

Per works as a curator at Nordiska museet - the Swedish museum of cultural history. He is responsible for the collections and culture associated with the historical use of natural resources, especially those within agriculture. Per has a background in nature conservation, land use history and landscape planning. He received his PhD at the department of Ecology and Natural Resource Management at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, studying lichen growth and performance during changing microclimate and light. He is now working on a study on species of wood and their usage in old agricultural tools.

Maria Lundström

Maria did her undergraduate studies at Linköping University in the field of molecular genetics and physiology. In her master thesis she mapped genes potentially involved in programmed cell death in xylem tissue in Arabidopsis thaliana. Maria has worked with HSG as a research assistant continuing the studies of the NAM-B1 gene in hexaploid wheat among other things and she is now a PhD student in the group. She will do her research on even older plant remains than the historical seeds.


Nils Forsberg

Nils studied at Umeå University where he took a MSc in Engineering Biology. In his master's thesis project he studied genetic structure in within Scots pine populations. He has also worked as an research assistant at the Umeå Plant Science Center. Nils joined the HSG as a PhD student in 2010 and he has primarily studied the population genetics of Fennoscandian landrace barley. On the 23rd March Nils successfully defended his PhD thesis.

Ida Gustafson

Ida is presently working with the HSG as a technician, primarily working with pea, but also helping out with barley DNA extraction.

Tytti Vanhala

Tytti has a diverse background working with a range of plants and animals at many different universities and most recently at Forestry Research in the UK. Tytti now runs her own company, Vanhalytix, and will work with the HSG on the pea flowering time project.

Hugo Oliveira

Hugo worked as a postdoc researcher at Linköping University and was also affiliated to the Swedish Museum of Cultural History. He received a BSc in Biology at the University of Minho (Portugal) and a PhD in Archaeology at the University of Cambridge (UK). He investigated population structure in wheat landraces in order to understand the spread of farming in Northwest Africa and the Iberian Peninsula. He has also conducted DNA studies in archaeological grains from the Canary Islands and in historic accessions from the Percival Collection of Wheats, Natural History Museum of London. After a stint in Porto, Hugo is currently working at University of Manchester.

Linnéa Asplund

As an undergraduate Linnéa studied at several different Universities including Uppsala University and the Swedish Agricultural University. During the spring of 2009 she did her degree project with the HSG where she genotyped landrace wheat for known trait loci and correlated genotypes with old records from test growing. You can download her thesis report from here. Linnéa continued collaborating with the HSG while a PhD student at the Swedish Agricultural University, and she has successfully defended her PhD thesis there.

Jesper Fogelholm

Jesper is on his third year of the biology program at Linköping University and has chosen a molecular genetic specialization. He joined the HSG for his bachelor project where he continued the work of Hanna Maja and genotyped potato onions from different countries, mainly Finland and Georgia. He also worked with us over the summer primarily on peas and hops and is now a PhD student with another research group at Linköping. Jesper's project report is available here

Kjersti Norman

Kjersti is a Master's student at NTNU who did her thesis project with the HSG. Although her main interest lies with human genetics she did her thesis project on finding correlations between phenotypic and genotypic variation using peas as a model organism. Kjersti has now finished her Master degree and we wish her the best of luck in the future. You can download Kjersti's project report here.

Hanna Maja Tunset

Hanna Maja worked with the HSG during 2011. She did her undergraduate studies at NTNU, where she during her Master's thesis studied auto immune diseases and their potential treatment. Jenny was asked to grade Hanna Maja's thesis work and was then made aware of her qualities. Hanna Maja worked as a technician with wheat and potato onion genotyping and she is now persueing her PhD in Trondheim.

Erik Boström

Erik worked with the HSG during 20010 and 2011. He did his undergraduate studies at Gothenburg University and Tjärnö Marine Station with a focus on evolutionary biology, population genetics and marine ecology. In his master's thesis project he studied the molecular systematics of Fridericia worms. He has also worked as a research assistant at the Swedish Agricultural University in Uppsala where he was involved in the Lysekil wave power project. Erik worked as a technician on the grey pea project.

Sharmila Madhavan

Sharmila is a student at the Masters program in Molecular genetics and Physiology at Linköping University. During 2010 and 2011 she will do her master's thesis project with the HSG at Linköping University. Sharmila will study allelic variation of the NAM-1 gene in relation to growth and quality traits in barley accessions developed in Scandinavia during the 20th century. You can download her project report here.

Selçuk Aslan

Selçuk received his basic education in biology at the University of Gaziantep, Turkey and has previously studied pathogens of chick-pea. Selçuk did his master's thesis project with the HSG at Linköping University where he investigated possible adaptations to day-length and frost tolerance in landrace barley making use of 19th century material of barley collected on different locations in Europe. You can download his project report here. Selçuk has earned his PhD at the Swedish Agricultural University in Uppsala.

Jenny Zie

During 2008 Jenny worked as a project assistant on the HSG research projects at the Department of Ecology and Evolution, Plant Ecology at Uppsala University. Jenny conducted her undergraduate studies at Uppsala Univeristy, but also spent a year studying in Tasmania. Jenny's main interest lies with plants, but she did her Masters degree project studying fish gonads. After working for the Limnology Group at Uppsala University, Jenny has earned her PhD at Stockholm University.

Anna Knöppel

Anna is a student at the Masters program at Uppsala University. During the second half of the autumn semester 2008 she did a short research project with the HSG where she genotyped landrace barley from the seed collection and gene bank material for the Ppd (photoperiod gene). Anna has now finished her project and we wish her good luck with the rest of her studies. You can download her project report here.

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