Hans Arwin, Prof.
Laboratory of Applied Optics
Department of Physics and Measurement Technology (IFM)
Linköping University
SE-581 83 Link^ping, Sweden
Phone: +46 13 281215 (office)
        +46 13 171571 (home)
        +46 708 171571 (mobile)
Fax : +46 13 137568
E-mail: han@ifm.liu.se>

I am the head of the Laboratory of Applied Optics. This division at the Department of Physics and Measurement Technology was formed on July 1 1998 by merging the division of Measurement Technology and my research group in Thin Film Optics.

My interests in research and teaching are presented on the homepages of Applied Optics. Here follows a few additional details about me:

Curriculum Vitae

Publications: Last 5 years
Publications: All before 1995
Publications: My favourites before 1995

TFYY08 Applied Optics (Tillämpad Optik) for Y, spring 2004 (open for Ph D students also)
NFYD80 Material Optics for Fysik matnat, spring 2001
Spectroscopic ellipsometry 3p, Ph D course fall 2000
Basics of Material Optics 0.5 - 5 p, Ph D course 2001


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