A bouncing thing Emil Asker Bouncer.txt
Jumping ball Gabor Kugler Kul.txt
A catapult (CPU consuming) Fredrik Karlsson Catapult.txt
Vertically (resonantly) driven pendulum Paul Falstad  Respend.txt
Thermalization of a gas system Paul Falstad  Gas.txt
Lagrange points Paul Falstad  Lagrange.txt
Orbital resonance  Paul Falstad Orbres.txt
A lot of gravitating balls Eric Kostlan Gravity.txt
Sweeping square Eric Kostlan Sweeping.txt
Wiggling square Eric Kostlan Wiggling.txt
A very strange thing... (CPU consuming) Fredrik Karlsson Otroligtful.txt
Trot around the world Eric Kostlan Trot.txt
Collision illustrating Newtons 3rd law [now with text] Jeff Forssell Newtons3rdLaw.txt
Illustrating static and dynamic friction [now with text] Jeff Forssell Inclined_plane-friction_knuckles.txt
Charge redistribution in a conductor [now with text] (very CPU consuming! Click here for a gif-animation if you have a "slow" computer) Jeff Forssell ElectronCurrent.txt
A trapped charge carrier Jonas Carlsson Guard.txt
A quadruple earth-moon system orbiting around a sun Gabor Kugler Gaborsol.txt
Demonstrates the function of a flywheel Jeff Forssell Flywheel.txt
Its a some what stable orbit involving a point charge in an electric dipole field David Kemp Dipole.txt