Fredrik Karlsson, 2000-2004
The Particle World is a Java Applet simulating particles connected by springs in a 2D world. The world can include gravity/electrostatic forces between particles, constant gravity/electric/magnetic fields and air resistance. It is possible to affect the simulation in real-time by grabbing the particles with the mouse or by changing the properties of the objects/environment.

Perhaps the easiest way to get a feeling of the simulator is to play with some of the predefined systems which are available in [File / Predefined] in the menubar. There you can find predefined simulations of orbits, coupled and double pendulums and a lot of other things. (See the adjoining figure.)

The status of the simulation can be switched between running and pausing by [Simulation / Pause toggle] (or simply press P). Paused simulation is convenient while constructing.

A simulation can be restarted by [Simulation / Initialize] (or simply press I).

Read more about How to Construct in The Particle World.

Try the step-by-step tutorial: What happens if the gravitation is suddenly switched off?

Predefined systems in the menubar.

A screenshot of the simulator (simulating the complicated motion of a double pendulum).

You must have Java and Java Script enabled to start the simulator.

(040103) Some new functions added:
1) Keep the M-key pressed and you can measure distances
2) You can change the color of the springs by adding a line for the spring in the config file, e.g. "Color: blue;
3) You can add explaining texts in the simulator window, by specifying the text, the coordinates and the color in the config file, e.g. 
Text number:0;
Position X:140;
Position Y:70;
Please, send your comments, suggestions or constructions to Fredrik Karlsson

You can find received constructions on the constructions page (Updated 040906).



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